Thursday, 21 June 2012

Finding the Way

Coming all the way from Delhi to contribute at Deepa academy and help the girls in whatever way we can, I was living under this huge heap of unclassified emotions. I was excited to meet the girls but was worried about how open will they be with us, I was thrilled to teach them but was not able to help but wonder if language could act as a barrier in the teaching process. Thinking, talking, preparing, everything during the past month had built in so much anxiety inside me that I wanted to meet the kids as soon as possible!

And yes finally the day came, 20th June, when we first found our way to the academy!
Standing outside, looking up and around Deepa academy , we couldn't understand where we should enter the academy from. A girl wearing her brown uniform looked down at us, Jayasi went ahead and asked her "Andar kahan se aana hai?”, soon realizing people in this city aren't familiar with Hindi, she corrected herself and asked her the same question in English, "Where do we enter from? ". The girl standing up pointed towards a gate and showed us our way into the academy.

Jayasi and I entered the academy and were welcomed by Mr. Shantaram (Principal, Deepa Academy) and Mr. Murali (our coordinator) and other staff members of the academy. Following a nice interactive session with the staff and Mr. Murali briefing us further about Deepa academy and what our work would be like, we were taken around the academy. We met girls studying in their classrooms , where they were learning Hindi using Braille , on seeing us they all collectively wished us good morning and one by one gave us an introduction of themselves. Some spoke softly while some were loud. Some were hiding and shying away from us whereas some were interactive and told us to not be shy. But they all put in the effort of introducing themselves in English (which really brought a smile on our faces).We interacted with some girls, they spoke to us about our hobbies and how we found the Bangalore weather, and whether or not we have been to Bangalore before.

Later part of the day was filled with a detailed discussion with Mr. Murali about our project and how will we be working on it, the contents and various other aspects of working with the girls.

It is rightly said that one doesn’t come to know of the time when one seems to be enjoying and liking what one is doing. The girls at Deepa academy seemed to do the trick for us. On the walk back to the hostel we were amazed how fast our time flew by!

On my first visit to the academy, I realized that the girls not only found their own way but one of them even showed us our way into the academy.
The children studying here are really special.
I look forward to helping them in whatever best possible way I can.


  1. "On my first visit to the academy, I realized that the girls not only found their own way but one of them even showed us our way into the academy. "
    Not everyone is able to realise such things, I love the fact that you did!
    After having worked with the kids at Parichay, I can totally understand the "heap of unclassified emotions" you were going through.
    I am sure it will be a great experience!
    Waiting for more!

    1. Thank you so much :)
      Yes,the heap of unclassified emotions,I am glad someone does understand!